WaverAD, arbitrary function-generator and logic-generator

  • arbitrary signal-generator

  • arbitrary function-generator

  • arbitrary waveform-generator

  • arbitrary logic-pattern-generator

... all in one device!


KE-System WaverAD is an arbitrary signal-generator system built for people who are looking for full flexibility however cannot spend huge amounts of well-earned money for a full-featured high-end signal generation system.

Here are some basic facts about WaverAD:

  • Arbitrary Waveform-Generator and Logic-Pattern-Generator in one
  • USB Peripheral for Windows PCs
  • Up to 100MHz sampling rate
  • Frequency, Amplitude, Offset online adjustable
  • 3,3V and 5,0V logic level integrated - more possible via extensions
  • 8 pages for different individually programmable signals, online switchable
  • Single Step, Single Run and Continuous Run Modes
  • Manually and externally triggerable
  • Extendable via external Extension modules (interface is documented)
  • Intuitive Software-Interface with a powerful waveform calculator
  • Multiple WaverAD can be used in parallel to multiply number of channels

Interested in more? Continue on our WaverAD products page.

What is a signal-generator?